Buy Nothing Month - Ready, Set, GO!

This month, I'm making a pledge: to buy nothing besides non-essentials.  I want to get an even stronger hold on my finances, try out some radical economy practices, and explore awesome free stuff in Austin.  As such, I promise that for the entire month of February, I will only buy the following:

  • Groceries
  • Dog food
  • Rent & utilities
  • Debt payments
  • Medical items (as needed)
  • Gas (as needed)

Now, this doesn't mean I'm going to be lame and stay home sad and alone.  I want to use this month as an exercise - to investigate unneccesary expenditures, discover new ways to be a creative Austinite, and connect in different ways with my friends.  Do you have a birthday coming up?  I'll probably make a card instead of buying one.  Want to have a great meal with me?  Let's cook together in my kitchen.  Do I need to get Love in the Time of Cholera for book club? (I do).  I'll check it out from one of Austin's amazing libraries.  Want to join me?  Read my inspiration here, and leave a comment!


PS - I'm already feeling the effects - I forgot to bring breakfast to work and can't buy the usual taco, grrrr