Our Bodies

I've been amazed this week.  One of my best friends just had her son.  I visited them in the hospital on Saturday, and I'll be seeing the new family again this Thursday. During her pregnancy I was amazed - my friend was growing a person inside of her.  She subscribed to a tracker that would send her email alerts, with information like "this week, your baby is growing eyelashes," or "your baby's kidneys are now complete".  She was knitting together the molecules and muscles of this tiny new person inside her own body.

And now he's here, and that same body that stitched him together tendon by tendon is feeding him.  Even more amazed.

I see pictures of her, blissful and tired and so happy.  Her husband capturing just the right angle of a sleepy smile as she holds her son close to her heart.

What a funny, awe inspiring capability our bodies have - to replicate ourselves; to grow a toe here, feed a meal there, and feel the love inside of us grow and become inseparable from this brand new human.  Amazed.