Mid-Week Links

Things that I'm interested in this week... The 25 Most Influential Teens - Time Magazine : I was going to be sad about this (I'm 29 and haven't done ANY of this! Wah!), but now I feel awesome. The future holds amazing things for us yet.

Under 30 Intro to Road Touring - Adventure Cycling : I should do this next spring, right? Any thoughts?

Narrowboat Swallow : Just discovered that one of my favorite internet Tarot readers also lives in a TINY BOAT that she RESTORED HERSELF. Rad.

Contraception in the Zombie Apocalypse - Planned Parenthood : I spend way too much time figuring out what would happen if the zombies came.

The 10 Minute Yoga and Meditation Workout - Beauty Banter : It feels real good.

Ruth Baby Ginsberg won Halloween:

ruth baby ginsberg