Mid-Week Links

There was some seriously great stuff around the web this week - "Navajo nation declares state of emergency over 'tragic' spill" by Tristan Ahtone, published on AlJazeera America - THIS 'Meanwhile, the Gold King Mine continues to leach contaminants into the Animas River.'

"Tina Brown Talks Sexism, Power, and Women's Careers" by Tina Brown as told to Jennifer Vineyard, published on The Cut - great piece on a magazine editrix's story of climbing up the media ranks as a woman

"How to Align your Budget with Your Goals" by Blonde On a Budget - Definitely going to give this a try! Excited! Plus A WORKSHEET!

Feminist Sticker Club - this is a thing that exists and I've already signed up - cannot wait! 

Don't forget, if you want to win a SWAG BAG of goodies, check out yesterday's post!

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