Giveaway Winner!

Good morning friends, It's time to share the winner of my giveaway last week! We had 4 lovely ladies comment on the post: Erin B, Sarah K, Jillian N, and Tawny. I went to my favorite number randomizer website and put in 1-4, and got ...

numbers generator

So congratulations to Jillian N! You won the newest edition of Vagina :: The Zine (Austin based bad ass feminist zine), a postcard of a super tough vintage tattoo lady, Magic Garden: Fantastic Flowers to Color, and a super cute squirrel pencil sharpener! Jillian, please let me know if the comments if you'd like me to mail this to you, or if we can hand off in person. Thank you to everyone who entered - I look forward to more contests in the future!

giveaway gifts