Mid-Week Links

There is some amazing stuff online this week! "How Makeup Got Me Through My Darkest Moment" by Sanam, published on Refinery29 - A bad ass Desi writer and artist, Sanam talks selfies, self love, and depression.

"The Sliding Scale: A Tool of Economic Justice" by Alexis Cunningfolk, on Worts and Cunning - A great guide to understanding the sliding scale, why you should use one with your products, and how to implement one. Will definitely be doing this when I start offering products and for my paid events!

"10 Habits of Self-Made Female Millionaires" by Paige Brettingen, on Refinery29 - I haven't talked about it much yet, but I'm really passionate about women having financial independence and stability. There are some great tips here: especially slide 7.

"You Want Me to Do What? Four Things to Know About Your First Turkish Bath" by Beth Santos, on She's Wanderful - Two things: I love cultural travel tips (waves *hello* to my fellow Anthropology majors), and the second to last paragraph makes me so happy!

Also, I went for a nice walk yesterday, and found a lovely sidewalk rose bush.

vscocam-photo-1 have a happy day y'all,