Feminist Fall Like WHOA!

You guys. My fall is going to be so deliciously busy and I am PUMPED. All my different committments were swirling through my brain and starting to overwhelm me, so at my most recent therapy appointment (still one of my best decisions ever, Hi Karen!), we focused on getting it all mapped out. Figuring out schedules and assessing what needed to stay and what I could cut down on. It was SUPER helpful to get it all laid out in one easy to see page. Admittedly, a big ol' page, but still. 

This is what we arrived at.

My day job of course, then all my plans and hopes for A Road of Your Own. Revitalizing the blog posts and Circle Time newsletter (you're signed up right??), at least one if not two events.  Continuing the awesomeness of A Box of Your Own with a BIG holiday gift marketing push (because seriously... this would be a terrific Christmas gift for the super capable super babes in your life).

My fitness commitment to myself through visiting the YMCA and JOINING A RUGBY TEAM. It's true friends, I will be on the pitch learning how to ruck and maul with the Austin Valkyries. I hope you can come to a game!

Then pair that with my networking and volunteering. I've already loved the connections I've made after just two YWA meetings (hello Party of 8 Ladies!). Throw in loving my partner Randall and his super cool plans, being more purposeful about friend and family get-togethers, and you've got a season stuffed with strength, activism, and entrepreneurship.

It is going to be a fall full of feminism. My #feministfallyall. 

So like all those darling kiddos posed at the door with their backpacks and lunchboxes, I'm ready to get back into the swing of things. To step into the rush of excitement and schedules, new friends and old, and wonderful planning. I cannot freaking wait.